Big banks are too often making headlines for bad behavior. Consumers need a better option. They need credit unions

Credits unions draw strength from their members and enrich their communities. There are no fat-cat Wall Streeters sitting at the top of the system sucking up all of the earnings. When the shareholders are the members, there’s only one agenda: share in the earnings equally and make us all stronger.You need better banking. Discover the #creditunion difference. #BankingwithoutBankers Click To TweetNAFCU truly believes that credit unions are the best possible option for consumers. As our association celebrates our 50th year of supporting credit unions, we want to remind consumers why credit unions are the best option for banking services. After all, who ever said banking needed bankers? Feel good about your choice in banking – become a member of a credit union.Feel good about your choice in banking. #BankingwithoutBankers Click To TweetNAFCU member credit unions can customize this video. Learn More